Our Story

In December 2010, I had thought of a way to marry my love of animals and my passion for yummy, quality food. Start a sheep dairy of course! And I was going to make ice cream from the milk. My husband, Wade Negranti, thought I was crazy. None-the-less, a month later he and I were driving 18 hours to pick up our starter flock. Neither one of us had milked an animal before, and for the first time ever, we milked our ewes in 2011.

I have been enjoying developing new flavors, discovering wonderful local ingredients to add into our ice cream, and creating something you can feel good about eating. Wade is enjoying being the number one ice cream tester. We are Negranti Creamery. This wild idea is taking us for a ride, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

We love our farm life, our animals and our ice cream. We hope you love it too. 

-  Alexis



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